Benefits of Squash for Your Health

Benefits of Squash for Your Health

The squash is a common food item in the kitchen, some of us love to eat it in a soup and others include these vegetables on a Halloween menu, religious folks offer squash for the celebration of thanksgiving and good harvest.

What is a Squash?

The squash we love is cultivated 1st in Mesoamerica, and it is a kind of fruit, and with the same family of gourds, pumpkins and zucchini.  According to botanical classification squash is actually a fruit but commonly considered as a vegetable.

Now that we know what a squash is about. Let us now discuss its benefits for your health and well being, encouraging you to love and eat more of this vegetable.


Benefits of Squash for Your Health

Squash is rich in vitamins.

Just like carrots squash is rich in beta carotene, these are compounds used by our bodies for the creation of vitamin-A, that is very important for bone growth, vision and reproduction.

Beta-carotene amount in the squash flesh varies with how intense its flesh coloration, half cup of butternut squash flesh contains 4,684 micrograms(mcg) of beta-carotene while the spaghetti squash has only 45 mcg despite that, that variety contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Squash prevents the growth of cancer cells.

A Normal cell has a mechanism to end its life once it is damaged or it needs to expire but cancer cells do not do such processes instead of shutting down, it acts independently and replicates rapidly.

The studies conducted at the Cancer Research Center in Hawaii, states that beta-carotene and other essential carotenoids can activate a gene that supports cell communication, by this process cells internal process and communication works properly thus preventing cancer to develop.



Squash for better eyesight

 Squash is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, especially the pumpkin variety. In a 2008 study done onto 35,000 women lasting 10 years, concluded that high amounts of this pigment in their diet, shows that this woman's cataracts risk is 18% lower compared with women with less lutein and zeaxanthin intake.



Squash helps to decrease gallstone formation.

When you have an elevated level of body fat and also have lower good cholesterol levels in the body, This may cause gallstones to crystallize and form in your bile.

Having a diet that is rich in magnesium helps prevent gallstone formation, according to the study by the U.S. they recommend consuming 28% magnesium (RDA) daily. This mineral is present in squash, especially the acorn variety.



Squash regulates blood pressure

Consuming vegetables that are high in potassium content can lower risk of developing high blood pressure, it also maintains normal blood pressure for those who don't have this condition.

We recommend one cup of Hubbard squash each day. It contains 16% of potassium, needed daily, helping you control your blood pressure and also maintain a healthy circulatory system.



Squash helps boost the Immune System

The vitamin C contained in the squash helps to boost your immune system, helping you fight off colds and allergies, this vitamin is found in the rinds of the squash and some squash varieties contain much fiber which aids digestion and cleans the colon.

That is why eating the peels of squash can be highly beneficial for your health.



Squash is rich in protein

Most kids love these snacks in the Philippines, baked pumpkin seeds. Did you know that this nutritious snack is rich in protein, just an ounce of it contains 7 grams of protein, aside from that it has 4 milligrams of iron.

It also contains vitamin-K, that is good for bone metabolism and helps in prothrombin production, it is a protein produced in the liver that helps blood to clot properly.



Squash prevents cell damage 

Some squash varieties such as the Acorn squash are rich in antioxidants, helping the body counter the damage caused by free radicals so you can fight off signs of skin aging and also cognitive disorders.

Beta-Carotene and vitamin-C are the antioxidants present in the squash aside that they help to boost the immune system and also fight the effects of free radicals in your cells.

Squash is a wonderful vegetable to regularly include in your kitchen menu, and to order this vegetable contact us here at The Produce Guyz, where we deliver fresh produce straight from the farm to your doorstep.

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