Health Benefits of Oranges


The orange fruit is one of the world's most popular snacks, aside from that it is used as an ingredient in some recipes and a common breakfast drink before your day starts, giving you the vitamin-c you’ll need to build immunity against harmful pathogens each day.

A little history about oranges

There is no definitive origin of this fruit, It is thought that oranges originated from Southern China, India or maybe in Indochina, it was brought in the 1450’s possibly by Italian merchants or by Portuguese navigators to europe. 

Most aristocrats and wealthy people grew oranges in their private gardens called orangeries and by 1646 it became a popular fruit for most europeans.

It was the spanish colonists  who introduced oranges in Mexico in the middle of the 1500s. Then the french brought its seeds to Louisiana, not long after, it later became a widely cultivated fruit tree in the orchards of Florida and New Orleans.

Now that we have known a brief history about oranges here at The Produce Guys, let's discuss now its benefits for your wellness.

Benefits of oranges for your health

Oranges are a well known source of vitamin-c

We all know that vitamin-c is important for our healthy immune system function, and one orange contains 116.2 % of daily vitamin-c needs,  this water soluble vitamin prevents free radicals to damage cell DNA, thus preventing cancer from developing.

Higher intake of oranges and other vitamin-c rich fruits improves the immune system to fight off colds, infections and other diseases.

Oranges for younger looking you

Aside from strengthening the immune system, vitamin-c that is rich in oranges and other orange colored fruits prevents our cells from oxidative damage by free radicals in the body.

Vitamin-c neutralizes the effects of free radicals in the cell, for these harmful molecules can damage the skin elasticity and structure, as well as it can cause life threatening disease such as cancer. Thanks to antioxidants in oranges your skin will look more youthful and healthier.

Oranges helps maintain good blood pressure levels

Eating oranges is good for people who suffer from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease, for the fruit is rich in vitamin-B6 utilized in hemoglobin production, and it also contains magnesium to keep blood pressure levels in check.

Oranges Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood

American and canadian researchers have a joint study about a compound found in the peels of oranges called polymethoxylated flavones. They concluded that this compound can lower cholesterol levels in the blood and does not produce side effects unlike synthetic drugs.

Oranges lower the risk of having cancer

Did you know that oranges contain D- Limonene, this compound is believed to prevent lung, skin and breast cancer to progress, additionally vitamin-c in oranges also protects cells from free radicals thus also contributing to the fruits anti-cancer properties.

Oranges contains alkaline minerals

Oranges mostly taste sweet or depending if it's not ripe it tastes sour aside from that oranges are naturally acidic in the pH scale. Yet despite that, oranges contain minerals that are alkaline which helps to neutralize the acidity of the body and also lowers inflammation.


Oranges are good for the eyes.

Oranges as well as orange colored fruits contain carotenoids like Vitamin-A that is good for the eyes, preventing the degeneration of the macula, which can lead to cataracts and blindness. 


Oranges helps with digestion

Eating oranges contains both insoluble and soluble fibre. Helping the stomach in the digestion process and also getting rid of harmful cholesterols in the gut. Generally Fruits that are rich in fiber helps relieve constipation 

A helpful tips in orange preparation

Citrus fruits like oranges produce more juice in warm temperature, so before you’ll start cutting it, roll the fruit in a flat surface so that you can extract more of its content.

We all love orange juice and it's a common fruit juice that our mother’s prepared for us in the morning, it's not just sweet and tasty but also packed with vitamins and nutrients to boost our body’s immune system and functions. 


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