The Wonderful Benefits of Eating an Apple a Day


We all know the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and it may sound true for taking apples can strengthen your immune system thus preventing you from getting sick. 

You don't need to be a health expert just to know the wonderful benefits apples do for your health, aside from nutrients it is packed with powerful antioxidants that fights cell damage and other diseases. 

Some knowledge about  Apples

Today the apple tree is widely cultivated all over the world, because of it, many apple varieties were produced, the tree originated from Central Asia through trade it has reached europe, and then brought to America by european colonists.

The apple is a significant fruit to many cultures and religions, from Norse & Greek mythologies and even Christianity.

Actually apple trees are generally large when grown from seeds. Thanks to grafting methods apples can be controlled and grown in small yards. Because of extensive breeding there are almost 7,500 different apple varieties designed for different purposes such as for cooking, making vinegar or just for eating it raw.

Wonderful health benefits of apples


Apples helps lower the risk of alzheimer’s

In one study drinking apple juice has shown to lower the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease for aging individuals, it has also proven to fight off free radicals' effects on brain cells. Eating apples enhances the acetylcholine, an essential neurotransmitter that sends signals to muscles and other cells in the body.


Apples can protect you from having parkinson’s disease

It is proven in some research that eating foods that are high in fiber and antioxidants such as apples can lessen the likelihood of having Parkinson's disease for fiber detoxifies the guts from harmful compounds and toxins.

also antioxidants in apples prevents cell damage from free-radicals, preventing the breakdown of nerve cells which produce dopamine in the brain


Apples for cancer prevention

The study from The American Association for Cancer Research, has concluded that apples help reduce the risk of having pancreatic cancer by almost 23% thanks to flavonol, a powerful bioactive compound present in apples.

Research in Cornell University also discovered several compounds found in apple peel that have high anti-cancer properties, reducing the proliferation of breast tumors and fighting off cancerous cells in the liver and colon.


Apples can reduce diabetes risk and cholesterol levels

Eating an apple once a day lessens the risk to develop type 2 diabetes than those who don't, for apples are rich in soluble fiber that maintains blood sugar levels.

Soluble fiber that is present in apples binds with cholesterols and fats in the gut, lowering cholesterol levels in the blood and reducing the likelihood to develop heart disease and complications from diabetes for an apple does not affect blood sugar levels to rise.


Apples protects you from having heart disease

Apples  prevents the risk to develop coronary heart disease for soluble fibre that is found in apples lowers the buildup of cholesterols in the arteries because soluble fibre binds with cholesterols in the gut before it is absorbed.

Compounds that are prevalent in apple skin prevents cholesterol to solidify in arteries, keeping your blood vessel from plaque that can lead to heart disease.


 Apples prevent gallstone formation

Apples are a well known remedy to treat gallstones, obese people are more likely to develop gallstones, most health expert suggest eating apples for it is rich in fiber, helping people with obesity control their weight and also reduce the levels of cholesterols in the body.

Apples helps soothe constipation

Fibre that are loaded in apples are found to smooth out digestion by absorbing excess water from the stool, it also cleanses the colon from toxins and it slows down bowel movement for easy defecation.

Apples Prevents Hemorrhoid formation

Apples prevent the formation of hemorrhoids, it is characterized by swollen veins in the anus, and can be very painful, eating foods that contain cholesterol and fats and drinking alcohol can cause this.

Consuming a high fiber diet such as apples can protect you from developing this condition, apples can alleviate symptoms of hemorrhoids by easing digestion and helps regulate smooth bowel movement.



There are some health benefits we will discuss about apples and other amazing fruits in our upcoming articles in the future, we highly suggest for you that you must eat an apple each day, for a healthy overall wellbeing. 

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