What are The Benefits of Carrots for your Health?

What are The Benefits of Carrots for your Health?

The first Carrot cultivation had taken place thousands of years ago in the land now known as Afghanistan. Its Original form was colored yellow and had a bitter woody taste, and was quite distinct from the usual carrot we have now.

Farmers have already cultivated varieties of red, yellow, white carrots long before the emergence of the popular orange variety we enjoy today and it was the dutch growers who developed it during the 16th century. Carrots had a long way to go before becoming mainstream.

You will know from this article the benefits of carrots for your overall health and well being as well as the corresponding studies that will support it. 

The Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrots is good for your eyes
Carrots are highly beneficial for your eye’s health. Because it contains Vitamin A, this vitamin is good for vision, healthy immune system and cell growth.
The vitamin A that is contained in the carrots can help treat xerophthalmia, this is a disease associated with the lack of vitamin A, resulting in poor eyesight when the surroundings are darkened and poorly lit. making its sufferers endure not seeing objects properly at night.
In the study conducted by the Office of Dietary Supplements, the lack of vitamin A is the major cause of blindness in children especially malnourished kids in poor countries.
The sweet,crunchy carrots also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, these are antioxidants that help fight macular degeneration, it is an age related disease that causes vision loss for old individuals.

Carrots Help fight Cancer

The presence of Free radicals in the body may increase the risk of some types of Cancer, quoted in the study of the National Cancer Institute, the carotenoids present in yellow, Orange and red colored vegetables may reduce the risk of developing cancer. 
The carotenoids that carrots have like lutein and zeaxanthin also help to fight off cell damage that can lead to cancer as well.
During the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, in their study it is concluded that adult males are required to consume 900mcg RAE of vitamin A and 700mcg RAE of vitamin A for females, that's why carrots are always essential for adult health.
Carrots too have the healthy pigment called beta-carotene and also alpha carotene and provitamin A antioxidants that can be utilized by the body for conversion into vitamin A, in an event that there is a deficiency. 
Diet rich in carotenoids is linked to lower the prostate cancer risk suggested in the study in 2015, and during a research done in 2011 about leukemia carrot juice can destroy leukemia cells and halt its development.
In an earlier study published in 2008, smoking candidates participating in high intake of carotenoids had exhibited 21% lower lung cancer risk.
Carrots for better digestion
In a 2014 study of 893 participants that eating foods that are rich in carotenoids may help in lowering the risk of having colon cancer.
In the following year a study published that consuming a high fiber diet has a lower risk for developing colorectal cancer than does who do not. Fiber found in carrots and some vegetables helps clean your stomach from carcinogens and prevents hemorrhoids.
Overall, eating high fiber foods supports your digestion, and cleans your gut from harmful cholesterol as well as easing out bowel movement
Carrots to manage diabetes
Carrots contain natural sugar and at times taste sweet. How can that help people with diabetes?
It is because carrots are a high-fiber, low calorie, low sugar food, that it won't raise sugars levels in the blood and it scores lower on the glycemic index (GI).
The GI score of carrots is around 39. This indicates that it won't trigger a raise in blood sugar and is safe to consume by diabetic people.
Consuming high-fiber diet prevents the development of type 2 diabetes and helps manage people with diabetes lower their blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Carrots helps in blood pressure management

The study of the American Heart Association, tells people that potassium present in carrots relaxes the blood vessels and reduces risk for high blood pressure and other problems related to the cardiovascular system. Potassium and fiber help manage blood pressure for old individuals.
In a review during 2017, it was concluded that people eating a lot of fiber are less likely to acquire cardiovascular disease than those people who do not intake. Having a high fiber diet helps in the reduction of “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

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